The Joy of Raising Chickens

You have probably heard the term “Empty Nest Syndrome” in reference to children leaving the home.  I suppose my chickens have filled that empty space in my daily life. My children live in North Carolina and Georgia and I live in Florida.

I spend a lot of time each day planning what I am going to do next with my chicken yards.  I have put up a lot of fences and moved a lot of fences.  Most women change their furniture around in their house but I change fences in my yard.

I have designed an easy-to-build chicken house and have made three of them so far.  Living in Florida means the house provides shelter from the rain and cold winds but no snow.   I have used heat lamps occasionally.

I have met some really nice people from buying chicks and chickens from Craigslist.  I really enjoy going to see where my prospective chickens came from and make sure they were raised in a healthy environment.  I don’t want to bring diseases into my chicken yard.

Another added benefit is the people I have met who also raise chickens are very willing to let you look at their set-up and tell you how they make money from their hobby.

I keep a diary calender  of my buys, sells, births and deaths.   It helps me keep an account of money spent and earned plus, I can tell a prospective buyer the age of the chickens.

I want to share with anyone who may be interested, the joys of raising chickens and the ideas that I use that may save others time and money.

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