Monthly Archives: April 2013

Finding homes for my chickens

Well, I think the time has come for us to move to NC where my side of the family lives.  My mom and three sisters are there.  We are looking at September for a move date.

So, now I need to find homes for my chickens.  I gave away  my nine Americaunas and two male Silkies.  Then I took two hens to my daughter in NC.  So now I am down to 32.  I am looking at taking the four chicks to my daughter, too.

It could be difficult to find homes for the chickens that are older and no longer laying eggs.  I gave away 9 hens with the understanding that only three or four are actually laying.  Guess that would be the way to find homes for the others.  I would hate to think someone is going to kill them and eat them but once they leave my yard, I can’t control the situation.

I am a member of a local animal swap/sell forum called Northeast Florida Farm and Garden Swap.  That’s where I found someone nice to take the other chickens.  Guess I will check back with that site when I want to find homes for the rest of them.  I just got a beautiful Barred Rock rooster recently and hatched a few of the eggs out.  The chicks look great and i was looking forward to starting a new flock of young hens.

I am going to miss having chickens.  My sister said maybe I can keep a few on her property.  We will see.