Monthly Archives: March 2012

Fighting the mites

Wow, is it difficult to fight the scaly leg mites.  I have used a lot of Vaseline covering the chicken’s feet and legs to smother the mites.  Unfortunately, a few toes were lost before I realized some of the chickens had a problem.  You don’t really notice until one of the chickens start walking like it has a sore foot.  I had so many chickens, too and to chase over 100 chickens down and check every one of their feet would have taken hours and I would have to do it at least every couple of weeks.  I  naturally just thought one of them had stepped on something and it would heal.

My husband said he is afraid I will get them, too because I am always barefoot.  I know it is possible to get some parasites from the ground so I keep telling myself I will wear shoes, but it doesn’t happen on a regular basis.  lol

Anyone else had to deal with this?  Any other suggestions.  I put seven dust down in the chicken yard but the chickens also have an acre that they can free range on so I don’t know if I should be concerned with my whole 2 acres or just their main chicken yards.