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Broody Chickens and Cool Weather

Well, my one Silkie hen sat on her five eggs for over 25 days and I took her off the eggs and put her back with the other chickens.  We had some pretty cold weather and I don’t think she could keep them warm enough so none hatched.

I have another hen that is Silkie/Americauna mix and she has been sitting for 12 days on five Barred Rock eggs.  Her maternity ward (lol) opens in a different direction so I am hoping the cool air won’t be cooling down the temp of the eggs.

Yesterday I noticed I have a white Silkie that is broody, too.  These 70 plus degree temperatures are certainly confusing my chickens and the plants.  Because my white Silkie rooster is in with my Silkies and my mixed Silkie/Americaunas, I don’t want to hatch any of their eggs right now.  I have a separate yard that I will put my Silkies in with a Silkie rooster if and when I want more of their breed.

Baby chicks are always fun and the last ones I hatched out was when my grand daughter, Maddy, came for a visit last July because I wanted babies for her to enjoy.  I still have 42 chickens and I have 6 dozen eggs in my refrigerator right now.  I have a friend I give eggs to and then my two sister-in-laws live behind our property and they appreciate the eggs.

I was thinking about buying 25 chicks from McMurray Hatcheries and raise them to about five months and then sell them.  So by July or August, even if I sold them for 10 dollars each, I could have 250 dollars.  Of course, you have to subtract the money you paid for the chickens (75 plus shipping) and their food for 5 months.  With 2 acres of land, they can find a lot to eat off the land, too.  The best part is you get to enjoy baby chicks even if you don’t make a fortune.

It is a good life.



Moving those roosters out

I believe I am down to about 64 chickens now and I still have another 14 roosters I am looking to re-home.  Often when people come out for the free roosters, they want to buy my hens which are not for sale.

It is amazing that people are so undependable.  I don’t know why that amazes me.  People say I will be out at 4pm and then when 5pm gets here, I check my email just to make sure they didn’t try to contact me.  No phone call, no email.  How inconsiderate.  I have learned to give my cell number out and say call me first to make sure I am home.  That way I can go about my business and if they don’t show up, it doesn’t bother me.  Just because we are retired, doesn’t mean we don’t have a life.  lol

I am telling you this so if and when you decide to sell or give away chickens, make your plans for your life and don’t sit around waiting for people to show up as they say they will.


Moving Chickens Around and Starting a Garden

Well, now that I am down to 72 chickens, I have stopped using a couple of my chicken yards. I did this on purpose because I have been wanting to start a vegetable garden for years. I have a yard that is pretty well bare of grass and has been getting chicken fertilizer scratched around in it. Plus, the yard is fenced-in which will keep the rabbits and chickens out of it. I just need to remove the chicken houses that are in the yard and one is so big that I will need to at least partially take it apart.

I think I will even start some seedlings in my house or shed to get a jump start on the growing season. Food is getting so expensive and seeds are pretty cheap.

Also, I am going to plant corn to feed to my chickens. Any decaying food and the plants will end up being extra food for my chickens, too.

Update:  2/11/2012

Well, we ended up moving one smaller chicken house out and dealt with taking down some fence to get it out.  But the second larger chicken house that was super heavy, we cleaned out and are re-roofing it.  It sits on some 4×4 posts. It is only 4ft tall but I am going to use it as storage for my gardening tools.  Just need to change out the entrance so I can actually get to the tools without having to crawl into the shed.

We put down some decayed horse manure on the area we anticipate growing corn.  My husband suggested we plant something in the compost area we took the horse manure from.  So we are going to fence off that area (since it is now in a chicken yard) and plant something there.  I am thinking tomatoes or maybe watermelons.  The soil is so rich looking there.  Yoo hoo

Selling chickens this week

As much as I love my Silkies, I have decided it is time to let some of them go to other homes.  It was a difficult decision because they are my fuzzy butts.

One lady bought a Splash Silkie rooster and she lives in Tallahassee so she definitely wanted the rooster.  She drove from St. Augustine where she was visiting relatives to get the rooster.  I like to think my chickens go to good homes that will take good care of them and love them as much as you can love a chicken.  ha ha

A nice Russian lady came today and bought two Silkie hens.  I really liked the little grey hen I sold her but she seemed so nice and I decided she could have my special hen.  She bought two so they will have each other even though the environment will be unfamiliar.  I am going to call her when I have another Splash chick hatched out.

Another mother and adult daughter bought 6 baby chicks, two Americuana hens about 2 months old, and two Silkie hens (one splash and one black).  She is going to breed them and I believe she will take good care of them, too.

I made a few bucks this week and made a little more room in my chicken yards.  Guess I could call it a good week.

Re-homing my chickens

I like to sell my chickens to a home that is going to raise and enjoy the eggs or just having the chickens around.  I don’t want to sell them to someone who is going to eat them or resell them to make a profit.  The only reason I actually start selling any of mine is because my feed bill is just too high or I realize certain chickens do not fit into the scheme of what I am trying to do.

I put a note up on the feed store bulletin board saying I have chickens for sale.  So this guy calls me this morning wanting to buy chickens from me.  He is being rather pushy that he wants them really cheap.  Now if you tell me you are out of work and trying to feed your family and want fresh eggs for them, then I will bite and lower my price.

I asked him if he was going to eat them and he said probably not.  Not a good answer for me.   He said he was trying to get them as cheap as possible so he can make a profit…out of work and got to do something to make money.  I really don’t see how anyone can make much of a profit reselling chickens unless you buy super cheap and sell a whole lot of them at one time.   When I told him I had 116 chickens including the 8 babies just hatched out yesterday and he asked how much I want for all of them.

Is it ridiculous that I don’t want to put my chickens thru the trauma of being moved from home to home or even being killed for food?  My chickens are more like pets.

I may be selling two dark Silkies hens and one rooster to a family will need for their 4H project.  Now I know they will take good care of them.

Guess I will just pray my chickens lay lots of eggs to pay the feed bill so I don’t have to sell any of them to people that do not fit my “adoption rules.”   lol