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Hello everyone.  My name is Frankie and I have been living in Florida for the past 14 years.  My children are grown and on their own and in different states so it leaves me with time on my hands and a need to take care of someone or something.  After taking care of my husband and my home and a part-time job, there is still empty hours that need to be filled.

I enjoyed living in Missouri for about two years (1982-84) where our family owned and operated a Jersey dairy farm.   I taught my children at home with a Christian education system.  It was quite an experience.  We had chickens there, too.  My kids would sit on a homemade bench watching the chickens on and off during the day.  I think they really got a kick out of collecting the eggs.

My maiden name is Farmer so I guess I am living-up to my name.   Of course, my sisters and brothers don’t have that urge. I come from a family with nine brothers and sisters.  My Dad was a marine and we spent most of our time living on or near Cherry Point, NC.  My mom was a homemaker and we lived in an immaculately clean home and she cooked three meals a day.  No cereal in the mornings or fast food for dinner.  That was a different generation.

I am not really sure where my love of chickens came from because I certainly was a prissy teenager and didn’t like to be around animals.  All I thought about was boys.  I married and traveled to Germany twice with my husband who was in the Army.  My husband, Paul died in 1980 in a motorcycle accident at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.  I have been married to my husband, Calvin for 14 years and we actually dated when we were teenagers in NC. and have kept in touch since high school.

I have lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Alabama, Zweibruecken (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany) and Hawaii.  I love to travel and my husband is retiring next year after forty years with Civil Service so we will be hitting the road.  I am sure I will share some of those stories along with the chicken tales I plan to share on the blog.

I don’t really know exactly how to start or where my writing will lead me.  I have another blog that I have been writing on for a number of years ( and it has a lot of personal stories as well as homemaking information.  I thoroughly enjoy writing that blog.  I read over some the first entries and was amazed at what a history of my life it tells. I think that is a good reason to write a blog in itself.

Hope you enjoy my chicken tales.

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