Cheap food and water containers

I have found quite a few food containers for my chickens at the thrift stores.  I buy ceramic bowls, preferably pretty heavy, to put water and food in.

I like the bowls so I can quickly fill them with water with my water jugs I keep in the chicken yards.  So much easier than the water dispensers that you have to carefully flip back upside.  And so much easier to clean, too.

As far as food containers go, I like the heavy bowls that are deep.  The problem I had was how they like to stand inside the bowl and scratch all the food out.  My solution:  I buy deep bowls or pots and often put a small bowl upside down in the middle so the chickens cannot stand in the food and scratch it out.  Sometimes, I put the pellets in the outter part of the bowl and put the small bowl in the middle with cracked corn or whole corn in it instead of putting it upside down.

My chickens are kind of spoiled and when I put food in the dispensers that you fill and it lasts days or weeks, they just don’t eat a lot of it.  I think it is fresher when I put it in the bowls.  Sometimes, I add water to the pellets and they really seem to love it.  I don’t like to buy the crumbles because there seems to be a lot of waste.

Also, I have lots of fat squirrels from them eating my corn I feed to the chickens.  I cannot leave corn out for the chickens  so I throw a little out to them every morning.  The squirrels are even trying to eat thru my plastic barrel that I keep my corn in.  Funny that they don’t do that to my pellet barrel.  Smart squirrels.

Another dish I use for water and food is plastic dog dishes, the kind that cannot tip over because of the way it is made.



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