Watering your chickens

We have our chickens in the back part of our two acres which meant we were dragging a very long water hose to the area and then dealing with the hose kinking.  It was very aggravating.

We drink a lot of juices.  The plastic jugs the orange juice and tomato juice and even prune juice come in are great for storing water.  We actually used them to stock up water for hurricanes in case we lose our electricity.  That water would be good for washing dishes, brushing teeth, and even flushing our toilet.

So we took a few plastic tubs and filled them with the juice bottles filled with water and keep it stored out in the chicken yards in a shady  area.  We have around 90 jugs/bottles now.

Every two weeks or so we drag the water hose out to the chicken yard and refill the bottles as well as scrubbing down all the water bowls/dispensers with bleach.  But twice a month dragging the hose out there is so much better than every day or two.

It also makes it so much easier when we ask my sister-in-law to chicken- sit for a few days.  We make sure all the bottles are full of water and she can just quickly refill the water bowls if they get low.


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