Too many roosters

I cannot believe out of six eggs, five turned out to be roosters.
The sad thing is I am having such a difficult time re-homing them.  I listed them on Craigslist for sale and then decided I just need to be rid of them because the five I hatched out six weeks later have two roosters in there, too.

Sadly, after two weeks, no one wants them.  If I were more of a “Homesteader” I could kill them and eat them but that does not appeal to me or my husband.  Actually, we only like the breasts and I hate to see the rest of the meat go to waste.  His sisters live behind us so I guess I could check and see if they like dark meat.  I guess if we were desperate for food, we would eat all of the chicken.

My third hatching of six chicks are still undetermined.  They are Silkie/Cochen rooster mix and they are adorable.  Hopefully, I can have more luck finding homes for Bantam roosters.  Last time I sold Bantam roosters, they were gone in a week.

September 9 Update on Cochen mix chickens.   One of the six died and we couldn’t figure out why but the five remaining chickens appear to be girls.  Woo hoo.  I put their daddy in with them to see if he would try to mate or fight with any.  No fighting.  There is only one chicken that I thought could be a boy since he appears to be a little bigger than the others.  So, I will be keeping them all.

My chicken yard is now at 25 with 3 roosters.

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