Pictures of my family of chickens

Today I had someone request that I put more pictures on my blog.  So I thought I would introduce you to some of my chickens.

So I will start at the beginning.  These are some of my eggs that my chickens lay.   The tiny egg up top on the right is  one of the first eggs Pex laid.  Pex was named by my grand daughter.This is a two week old Americuana baby chick.

This is a Silkie baby  chick that is less than a week old.  I took this picture with the coffee cup so you can get a better idea how small it is.

This is my favorite baby in the whole world.  My second grand daughter who was born Jan 8, 2011.   Ain’t she cute?

This is Mr. Henny Penny.  He is a Patridge Silkie and the first Silkie we purchased.  Mrs. Henny Penny was killed by a chicken hawk while protecting her baby chicks.   Mr. Henny Penny has two buff colored hens in his pen in order to guarantee buff colored chicks.  At least we hope we get buff.  Not sure there are guarantees when it comes to chickens.

These are my four adult white Silkies.   The back one and the middle front one are bearded Silkies.    The one on the left one is the rooster and the one on the right is a hen, both non-bearded.  I also have four white babies about two months old plus three whites that are about one month old.

This is my Silkie chicken yard.  The grey and white colored ones are called Splash Silkies.  The one in the middle of the pictures is a Patridge Silkie (that has a gold colored neck).  We call her Trouble because she was always getting out of her yard.

This is an Americuana/Silkie mix hen.  She has the speckled coloring of the Americuana but she is small and with feathered legs like the Silkies.  I have about 9 of these mixed chickens and I think they are really pretty.

These are a couple of my Patridge Silkie roosters.  Both of them were hatched out on our property.  I have too many roosters actually but I just can’t seem to allow them to be sold.   Silkie roosters don’t fight with each other like other kinds of chickens.  If they are raised together, they seem to get along fine.  I have about six of them and they are in a separate yard.

I have another chicken yard where my brown egg laying chickens are kept.  This is my rooster, Barred Rock mostly.  You can see the black and white hen on the right behind him and then a hen with a black with a gold colored neck.  Still can’t figure out how she ended up that color.  There are about 14 chickens in that yard.  I recently hatched out some of my brown eggs because I realized my hens were getting old and dying off.

This one of my Americuana chickens.  They lay either green, blue or pink eggs.  Mine lay green mostly but some lay a pale blue.  One lays an olive green egg.  I was surprised when one of the chicks hatched out of a green was a white Americuana.  Strange.This is a good picture because you can see the different colors of the Silkie chickens.  The chicken in the middle of the yard is a  greyish white Silkie but they are considered  Light Blue.  Then you can see some Black Silkies, too.  The ones that are dark grey are considered Dark Blue.   You can also see the yard is divided so the younger ones are together.  They will go out into the larger yard once they are about 5 months old.

These are are two chicken sitters…lol.  Their yard is very close to our chicken yard so if we hear a lot of barking at night, I get up to check on my chickens.  I hate when there is a full moon because they bark a lot.  Cassie is the black and white dog, part Border Collie and Australian Shepherd.  My daughter, Bonnie helped me pick her out and she has been a joy.  I got her for my birthday when I turned 50, and she is almost 12 now.  Olivia is the Hound dog that Bonnie gave me for Christmas one year and is about 7 years old.  Her sister, Chloe passed away just a few months ago and I miss her so much.  She was a bouncy, happy dog.

I hope you enjoy my pictures, Michael, Dan, and Vince.

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